Om – TREE -Drawing on the wall

In the city of Yevpatoria, in a private courtyard adorned drawing on the wall 20 meters long, the name of which was after the art of action. OM-seeing tree.

How did the idea? At first there was a “wall” in the yard of a private home. As in the yard was a summer playground for the rest, the wall had just fill color, to revive. I wish there was more. He completely trusted my improvisation, adding mood ideas. Without concrete sketches and ideas we started with some srih and in the course of action has developed the idea and pattern manifested itself. The whole picture is in complete improvisation. There were very hot days in Yalta at the time, had to draw how it is every day with new ideas. The result was that it is a colorful, fresh and lively – seeing tree ohms.

Using acrylic paint for exterior surfaces and building brush.

Inspirer Samoshkin Roman, he’s the owner of the yard and the wall.

In the process of creation help Inna Nowicka (Belarus, Minsk), which is both inspired and to make their ideas, implementing them yourself.